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LIMA HK2000 is a long-range electric moped with modern looks and heart. Powerful motor and disc brakes in front and rear make HK2000 an ideal option for commuters.

Container orders possible with a slightly extended lead time.

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LIMA Mika is an affordable entry-level electric scooter suitable for the busy urban city life.

Cute outlook and the ease of use makes this moped an excellent choice for both commuting and evening joy-rides.

LIMA MIO is the perfect choice for students on their school trips and for evening fun.

Compact size and stylish, patented design are what makes this moped truly unique and desirable. MIO is an excellent choice for people who want to have something extraordinary. Premium options, such as keyless start and USB charger with a disc brake, LED lights, digital instruments and a lot of storage room under the seat make the operating of this vehicle also a breeze. Lithium battery also lasts longer than normal gel battery and is more energy-efficient, meaning longer range.

LIMA Lightning

Contemporary and Stylish Design

LIMA Lightning is truly unique and modern. It is hard to make a scooter to stand out, but LIMA has succeeded in it with Lightning. With flying colours.

Choose in between ecological D-driving mode to conserve the battery, or add more oomph to your drive with the Sport mode. LIMA Lightning comes with driving mode selector for your convenience, choose your preferred and enjoy the ride. Other premium features such as keyless start and USB charging port also as factory standard. Powerful disk brakes in front and hydraulic suspension all around make the operating of Lightning also safe.

LIMA Lightning is a truly robust electric scooter for two.


Red Dot Design Award Winner

Lima has won a Red Dot 2020 for Product Design in Electric Scooter category – the most prestigious of International Awards.

LIMA M9 (OO) is a powerful electric scooter that has been conceptualised and designed with special attention to a high degree of user-friendliness. Two powerful headlights provide illumination at an angle of 270 degrees over a distance of 40 metres. The taillights are slightly reminiscent of owl eyes and ensure good visibility. The frame is made of carbon steel, making the scooter light and robust. The bodywork at the front is waterproof and resistant to UV rays and rust.

Statement by the Red Dot Jury on Lima:
“Its round headlights give LIMA OO a very congenial face that harmonises perfectly with its environmentally friendly drive and user-centred design.”


Patented & Award-Winning Design


There are no traffic jams along the extra mile


LIMA Motorcycles are imported by Arranz Group Ltd. To contact the sales, please contact directly to Arranz Group Ltd sales via email at the address below or via the contact form on this page.





LIMA Motorcycles supports PlugShare App

Google Play Store:
LIMA Motorcycles sincerely suggests you download and install a free app from Play Store called PlugShare. With PlugShare You can find a place to charge your motorcycle and also plan your route with it.

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