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LIMA is almost maintenance-free

LIMA mopeds do not have an official maintenance program, the electric motors we use are maintenance-free and do not require maintenance familiar from internal combustion engine technology, such as oil changes.

Nevertheless, we recommend checking and, if necessary, servicing the wearing parts used in mopeds. Brakes, cabling, lights, tires and other similar parts should be checked at least both in the spring before the start of the driving season and in the autumn, at the latest before winter storage.


Two-year international warranty (limitations do apply)

The warranty is valid only if the vehicle is serviced in accordance with the recommendations. The warranty also requires that the vehicle be privately owned and used under normal conditions. The warranty does not apply to vehicles used for racing or other similar activity or extreme recreational or sports use. Warranty applies to the first-hand owned vehicle only, to vehicles purchased from an authorised dealer only.

Normal wear and tear and parts classified as consumables, such as bulbs, circuit breakers, tires, belts, springs, cables, etc., are not covered by the warranty. The warranty also does not cover damage caused intentionally or accidentally in any way. The warranty also expires if the vehicle is modified in any way other than with parts officially approved by the importer, and modification carried out in and by an authorised service centre designated by the importer. The warranty also expires if the vehicle is sold to a third party during the warranty period.

Except for the above limitations of the warranty conditions, LIMA grants a two-year warranty for all its electric two-wheelers.

Lithium battery warranty i [...]


LIMA has won the famous and sought after Red Dot Design Award in the year 2020.


Live your life as a free bird. Drive where you want, without emissions.


The design is unique and patented. If you want the original, choose LIMA.

The low operating costs of the electric moped and motorcycle, as well as the almost maintenance-free technology, guarantee an affordable total price for the entire life cycle of the bike.Unique patented motor by LIMA saves power in batteries by improving the power utilisation and thus increase the mileage by 30%. Smaller batteries mean less charging time and less environmental footprint. No hydrogen, carbon dioxide or small particles. An electric vehicle is an environmental act, especially when it is charged with eco-electricity produced from renewable energy sources.< [...]

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