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LIMA Motorcycles supports PlugShare App

PlugShare is a free EV driver’s app for iOS, Android, and web, allowing users to find charging stations, leave reviews, and connect with other plug-in vehicle owners. It has the most accurate and complete public charging map worldwide, with stations from every major network in North America, Europe, and throughout much of the globe.

PlugShare is also home to the largest community of EV drivers in the world. Every day, drivers add more station locations, constantly making the app more comprehensive, powerful and accurate. From within the app, users check-in when they charge, sharing tips, comments, and photos of their charging experiences.

Thousands of drivers also list their personal home charging stations for public use on PlugShare, helping to fill the gaps in [...]


We are currently looking for distributors worldwide

If you are a distributor and want LIMA models for your portfolio, please contact us with background information and our sales team will take the lead.

We are also able to provide brandilicious marketing material on-demand, ask for more details.

Large orders:
If you are a company or an organisation looking for an electric fleet, contact us with your details and our sales team is more than happy to continue from there.

Non-profit organisations:
If your organisation works for a cause we can support and relate to, we will provide you with the fleet for a discount. Contact our superb sales team with your details and story and our sales team is more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

We [...]


LIMA is almost maintenance-free

LIMA electric mopeds and motorcycles do not have an official maintenance program, the electric motors we use are maintenance-free and do not require maintenance familiar from internal combustion engine technology, such as oil changes.

Nevertheless, we recommend checking and, if necessary, servicing the wearing parts used in mopeds. Brakes, cabling, lights, tires and other similar parts should be checked at least both in the spring before the start of the driving season and in the autumn, at the latest before winter storage.


Two-year international warranty (limitations do apply)

The warranty is valid only if the vehicle is serviced in accordance with the recommendations. The warranty also requires that the vehicle be privately owned and used under normal conditions. The warranty does not apply to vehicles used for racing or other similar activity or extreme recreational or sports use. Warranty applies to the first-hand owned vehicle only, to vehicles purchased from an authorised dealer only.

Normal wear and tear and parts classified as consumables, such as bulbs, circuit breakers, tires, belts, springs, cables, etc., are not covered by the warranty. The warranty also does not cover damage caused intentionally or accidentally in any way. The warranty also expires if the vehicle is modified in any way other than with parts officially approved by the importer, and modification carried out in and by an authorised service centre [...]

Famous Kawasaki Ninja lookalike in an all-electric suite. Packs enough punch for safe driving.

Not for European public roads.

Light Electric Vehicle. Does not require registration (country-specific restrictions may apply).

Light Electric Vehicle. Does not require registration (country-specific restrictions may apply).

Light Electric Vehicle. Does not require registration (country-specific restrictions may apply).

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